Firm Overview

Insurance Defense in The Insurance Capitol of The USA

The best lawyer is not always the loudest. Since 1936, we at Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy have blazed a quieter, more innovative path, altering the way people think about effective law.

Here are some ideas we pursue:

  • We avoid the scorched-earth approach to litigation. The object of legal defense is not to destroy the opposition but to resolve the dispute quickly and cost-effectively. The best outcome is usually one that resolves the case reasonably and efficiently.
  • Insurance companies are made of people, too. Plaintiff attorneys make insurance companies out to be unfeeling machines. That’s not true. Everyone in a legal dispute is entitled to respectful treatment.
  • You don’t really want a lawyer who agrees with everything you say. The best counsel provides sober, experienced, objective thinking. An attorney who only says yes is not offering much of value.
  • Winning is good, but not “at all costs.” At RTC&E, we carefully weigh the costs and benefits of each moment in the process. When an acceptable agreement is arrived at, that’s the time to stop.

We have been leaders in engineering a more efficient, less expensive way to resolve disputes. We are known for our “mediation blitzes,” in which we take over a courthouse and run mediations all day, removing those problems from the books.

We implemented the “One talented lawyer is enough” rule, eliminating the additional cost of a second overseeing lawyer. Our attorneys still consult freely with one another — but clients don’t get stuck with the bill.

Successful Hartford Appeal Attorneys

Mistakes sometimes happen in the course of litigation. When appeals are indicated, RTC&E is a capable firm to turn to for rectification. Our experience in the Connecticut appellate courts, and those of the federal system, has helped to shape insurance law in our state.

Our goal is to speak ordinary English, resolve cases quickly and competently, and keep costs down. For insurance defense, business litigation and appeals, put RTC&E on your list of go-to firms. Your budget will notice the difference.

We look forward to achieving a positive result in your current dispute.