Products Liability Defense

Hartford Products Liability Defense Lawyers

At Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy, we defend companies that design, manufacture, distribute, sell, install, maintain and repair every kind of product in personal injury lawsuits.

Product liability suits are not like car crash suits. Injuries can be extremely severe, even fatal. Resulting injuries may include amputation, electrocution, brain injury, sensory impairment, chronic pain, paralysis and death. Cases require a sophisticated defense, adept at resolving scientific, technological, medical and psychological questions. Laws allow claimants to win their case by a mere showing that the product failed to meet expectations — a very low standard, by any measure.

These cases may present themselves as breach of contract or breach of warranty cases, and may allege defective or negligent design, manufacture, installation or repair, as well as failure to warn or inadequate warning.

RTC&E is adept at managing issues of indemnification, contribution, joint and several liability, coverage and subrogation in products liability cases.

Hartford Defective Product Lawyers

We have represented policyholders in just about every industry, involving situations from toxic spills and defective drugs to falling elevators and defective toys, appliances, chain saws and ladders. Not every situation is catastrophic. A recent claim was by a single girl who lost an ear due to an improper piercing. Another involved a cat.

Our attorneys provide products liability defense across Connecticut and western Massachusetts. When you need boots on the ground in this region to protect your interests, we invite you to contact us RTC&E.

Defending against defective product charges is our business at Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy of Hartford. For more information, call our Connecticut product liability defense lawyers at 860-249-9121 or write to us using this online form.