Construction Cases & Contracts

Connecticut Construction Company Defense Lawyers

Because of the complexity and cost of construction contracts, it is not unusual for disputes to arise. At Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy, we protect construction industry clients from every vulnerability, from the negotiation of terms to the drafting of sound contracts to the litigation that often results.

We serve as local counsel to insurers defending policyholders. We represent different players in the construction field, including contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, engineering firms, architects and property owners. When construction litigation is underway in Connecticut and western Massachusetts, there is a good chance we are involved.

Knowledgeable Hartford Contractor Defense Lawyers

Some law firms are known for their fancy trappings and publications. We at RTC&E are known for getting down in the mud and investigating construction problems firsthand. Our lawyers know the language and procedures in the construction industry today. This allows us to go right to the heart of each contract and project.

Though we are trial lawyers at heart, our goal is to bring you the outcome that is best for your budget. Our clients appreciate that, in handing a case over to us, they get a fresh, independent look at the problem, minus the emotion and aggravation that may have characterized a case.

We believe that results are really all that matter. We invite you to review our recent results and see if we are not a great fit for your next assignment.

Call the Connecticut construction company defense lawyers in Hartford at Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy at 860-249-9121, or write to us using this online form.