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Connecticut Cities, Civil Rights and Employment Attorneys

Cities and businesses are natural targets for many kinds of lawsuits, from civil rights claims such as police misconduct, wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution, to injury and damages cases involving employment discrimination, problematic road design, altercations with police and emergency vehicles, auto claims, nonfunctioning traffic lights and other problems.

In economic downturns, private developers increasingly seek to recoup through litigation against municipalities the losses they incurred in lengthy and unsuccessful real estate projects – you can’t sue the marketplace, but you can sue the zoning board.

Connecticut Employer Defense Lawyer

At Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy, we represent insurers defending cities and businesses against this onslaught of litigation. We also get involved in disclaimer/reservation of rights issues, where there may be questions about insurance coverage.

Our approach is to investigate each problem and decide whether the city or business is actually at fault. Many times the problem can be tracked to a vendor or contractor. Many cases of misconduct are more complicated than they appear at first glance. Such cases require sensitive, expert management; they should not be entrusted to beginners.

Defending Against Claims of Police Brutality and Other Civil Rights Violations

Cities must protect public money against frivolous lawsuits. When peace officers are charged with civil rights violations, the officers’ and the city’s good reputation and resources are on the line. Effectively managing legal liabilities is the best way to discourage future suits.

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