Auto Dealer & Garage Policies

Connecticut Auto Dealer Liability Lawyers

A byzantine body of law, both federal and unique to Connecticut, applies to auto dealers and garage keepers, and not many law firms have the know-how or the experience to defend against the suits that target them. Plaintiffs will assert that property was damaged, or personal injury occurred, or assurances were not kept.

Experienced Hartford Commercial Garage Lawyers

Most dealers stitch together a mesh of overlapping policies, including commercial general liability, garage liability and garage keepers policies that protect their businesses in the event of hail, flood, fire, explosions, accidents, onsite accidents, offsite accidents and theft. But not all policies are alike; some, but not all, include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, as well as coverage against false pretenses and fraudulent dealings.

Meanwhile, the laws pertaining to dealers and garages require large volumes of paperwork. Claims made against your shop must be defended from the standpoint of policy overlap. An experienced auto dealer/garage policy lawyer is necessary. A Connecticut firm to trust in matters of auto dealer insurance defense is Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy of Hartford.

Defending Auto Dealers and Their Insurers All Through Connecticut

We have successfully defended cases filed against both franchised and non-franchised car, truck, tractor-trailer, motorcycle, RV and other dealers for claims of deceptive practices, statutory violations, bodily injury, vehicle damage and other property damage.

We make the point with auto dealers and garages that we make in all insurance defense cases. Insurance policies are sets of instructions protecting both plaintiff and defendant. Both sides are people, not just the plaintiff side. Our commitment is to ensuring that your interests enjoy protection equal to the party claiming damages against you.

On The Scene, Representing Your Interests

There are law firms that do this kind of defense whose lawyers never get up from their desk. Our clients know that the lawyers at RTC&E can often be seen at the accident scene, investigating the accident in order to bring out the full truth.

Our firm has a structure to keep fees affordable and provide maximum accountability. We trust a single lawyer to handle your case from start to finish. This means you pay for that lawyer’s time only. We meet regularly to share ideas and approaches, but that one lawyer is on the hook to deliver superior representation at a reasonable price.

To learn more about auto dealer and garage keeper claims defense at Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy of Hartford, call our Connecticut auto dealer liability attorneys for a free initial consultation at 860-249-9121, or write to us using our online form.