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Connecticut Insurance Defense Attorneys

Many business litigation firms are known for their impressive offices and their expensive services. Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy, of Hartford, Connecticut ("Insurance Capitol of the World"), is known for the quality of its arguments and the reasonableness of its fees.

As trial attorneys, we don't fear going to trial. But most cases settle, and frequently the measure of our success is the size of the settlement and the speed of that result. As counselors, we are mindful of your budget, and alert for opportunities to avoid unnecessary expense.

Many firms assign two attorneys to every case, a partner and an associate. The result often is higher bills to clients as a result of inefficiencies. At RTC&E, we assign your case to a single competent attorney. He or she can share strategic ideas with colleagues, but clients are only charged one set of attorney fees.

Down-To-Earth Hartford-Based Insurance Defense Lawyers

Our approach is to put in the time necessary to ensure success, and not a minute more, whether we are working a tort, negligence or product liability suit. We have been pioneers in using mediation and arbitration to resolve claims in an affordable manner.

This frugal tradition goes back to our founder, Ron Regnier, who as a teenager worked for an insurance company, putting himself through college. When he started this firm in 1936, his first client was that company, The Hartford. We have followed Ron Regnier's approach ever since. We are a talented firm that goes for the win but keeps costs in line.

Resolving Litigation In Clients' Favor For A Combined 139 Years

The heart of our practice is insurance and commercial defense, representing firms in Connecticut and nationwide. Businesses in almost every industry come to us, because no business is exempt from being sued. We have a special affinity for retailers, pharmacies, trucking companies, auto dealers and construction firms.

Our tenet is that the party being sued is just as human as the party suing, and in our arguments we fight for that simple consideration.

Hartford Insurance Claim Litigation Lawyers

We invite you to look over our practice areas and our successful verdicts. You will find us as a group to be intelligent, economical and down to earth. Call our Connecticut insurance defense lawyers for a free initial consultation at 860-249-8955, or write to us using our online form. We can get you a positive result in your current dispute.

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Ralph Eddy Defends Apartment Complex Attorney Ralph G. Eddy secured another defendant’s verdict in a matter tried to the jury at the Judicial District of New London.

The plaintiff was a Chinese citizen here visiting her son and his family and residing with them in their Norwich apartment. The plaintiff was injured in a fall on ice in the parking lot at the apartment complex.

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